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copying here an email sent to MissXYZ   re: her email informing me that she’d moved to another state.

Hello MissXYZ,
Sorry to just now be getting around to answering this email. Our jail ministry, “New Leaf Inmate Ministries,” just has so much happening, although it’s still in it’s infancy, that I spend most of my time playing “catch up.” Anyway, though I realize I may never see you again, I wanted to wish you well and pray for God’s best blessings on all that you do. I assume that you took the course note book, Firm Foundations, with you. I want to impress upon you the importance of finishing that course.  Look up the Scripture references, fill in the answer sheets and send them to me so I can send you a Certificate of Completion.     

My goal isn’t in just wanting to send you a certificate.  As you may recall, if you were in the classes when we had this discussion, I was asked to write and teach this course at the time I was in training by the Institute of Biblical Counseling.  Firm Foundations, by design, not only covers the same basic Biblical information other basic courses cover, it also covers subjects relevant to life itself. That’s why I think this course is so important.

I wrote Firm Foundations 29 years ago. During those years Firm Foundations has helped many people overcome things like depression, anxiety, fear, feelings of worthlessness and more.  More than once I have had people say that they were entertaining thoughts of suicide until they took this course. What does it do? Is it magical? Of course not. What it is, what it does, is that it helps us get to know how much each of us really mean to God.
God wants many things for and from each of us. Mostly He wants us to be conformed to the image of His Son; To become as holy as He has declared us to be.  In the midst of that is a very, very big word = JOY ! ! ! Realizing how much we mean to Him, realizing what He really has given to each of us, brings JOY. God wants our lives to be full of JOY.  And that’s what I want for you. That’s why I want to encourage you to finish the course.  I want your life to be FILLED with JOY!
God Bless You,


Please Note:

Firm Foundations as a correspondence course it is offered to anyone without charge.  There certainly is a cost involved in paper, printing and postage.  And there is time involved in putting it all together and in the mail and there is more time involved in looking over answer sheets and corresponding with the student.  Yet it’s my personal wish that everyone reading this would take the course.  Because of the cost involved I will “ask” for a donation to the ministry of at least $20.  However, the course is free and will be mailed to anyone who ask for it, donation or not.

Arrangements for “on-line giving” have been made but as of this writing are not yet set up on this webpage.  It will be available very soon.  Checks can be written to New Leaf Inmate Ministries and mailed to P.O. Box 10,   Middlebrook Virginia 24459.

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