Well, here we go folks.  I haven’t been able to get anyone to show me how to post a new blog so I’m just going to start writing and see what happens.   You’d think that gaining a web-site wouldn’t be so complicated.  But it certainly is.   

What I want to write about is something just to bring our readers and supporters up to date on what’s happening with New Leaf Inmate Ministries during this time of national shut-down.  I believe that all, or at least most, correctional facilities nationwide are under quarantine of some type.  They have temporarily stopped all “programs” for inmates and even personal visitation.  The regional jail where we serve, Middle River Regional Jail, has done that.  So, we have switched “our inmates,” the ones who were attending our “live class” Bible study, over to taking the lessons by correspondence.  It creates a lot of work and takes a lot of postage, but our inmates are getting their lessons.  They are also being encouraged to send us their prayer requests when they send in the answer sheets for the course.  We’re also writing and receiving lots of letters.  SO, the bottom line is, we’re still ministering, God’s word is still being taught, and our student inmates are continuing to see God’s love for them at work.

If this writing actually gets posted under, “Clint’s Blog” then I will try to find out what I can do to dress it up a little next time.

Thanks for your patience.  Computer stuff doesn’t come naturally to an 80 year old man.  But I haven’t given up either.  God will help me get it figured out.  🙂  


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