Our Goals must align with God’s, for if our nature does not change we will invariably find ourselves entangled in the same problems that caused our difficulties in the first place.

To deal with the strongholds Satan has built in our life, repentance must become our way of life. Bear in mind that repentance means change, not merely remorse. 

Our thinking must change.
The essence of who we are is in our thought life.
“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Prov. 23:7

Strongholds are places in our mind where sinful activity is actually defended by our sympathetic thoughts toward some sin that we like.

The pulling down of strongholds is the demolition and removal of these old ways of thinking.

This is repentance – a change of mind.

But we must remember, repentance and faith are but two sides of the same coin. We must believe that we can do all things through Him.

Before we have any strategy for attacking Satan,
we must make sure that the real enemy is not our own carnal nature

It is in the context of repentance, humility and a clean heart that we find Satan fleeing from us. When the Holy Spirit shows us an area that needs repentance we must overcome the instinct to defend ourselves. Silence the little lawyer that says, “My client isn’t so bad.” This guy will defend you till you die and prevent you from seeing what is wrong with you and prevent you from facing your need to change.

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