“Remember those in prison, as though you were in prison with them”

Recently  I have been receiving prayer requests from inmates both in our local Middle River Regional Jail and in Correctional Centers throughout the state.  The hardships being placed on the general public because of the Corona Virus “shut-down” is minuscule compared to the hardship created by the “lock-down” in jails and prisons.  Almost all movement has been halted.  Inmates who had jobs inside the facilities which helped them earn a little money and make the time go a little faster, are not being allowed to go to work.  

All activities, such as Bible studies, G.E.D. studies, art programs and libraries are all shut down.  All movement is stopped.  In many cases they are not even being allowed out of their cells to congregate in the common areas of the cell blocks.  This has been going on for over three months now.  Those inmates who are living lives consecrated to God are, for the most part, hanging in there.  But for the others, tempers are flaring.  Altercations between inmates and with officers are becoming frequent and dangerous.

The hardhearted will say, “Well, too bad.  That’s what they get for getting locked up.”  These are human beings we are talking about.  Most are just normal people who’ve made some bad mistakes.  Many were just teenagers when they got hooked on drugs and broke the law to support their addiction.  Even the vilest among them are souls that God hopes to save.  And there are many of us out here, now on this side of the bars, that can attest to the fact that, with God’s help, lives can be changed.

They are simply requesting that we pray for them.  Will you join me in doing so?

Clint Webb, President

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